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Lynx – Autonomous Indoor Vehicle (AIV)

Finally, The cat’s out of the bag, so I can talk about my work at Adept. Introducing the sleek and sexy Lynx, a new mobile robot platform from Adept Technology.


The System includes:

  1. Adept Lynx Mobile Platform
  2. Graphical User Interface Touch Screen
  3. 24 VDC Battery Pack
  4. User Interface Wheel Indicating Vehicle Intent and Status
  5. Programmable Voice and Audio Prompts

I built the Graphical User Interface Touch Screen and User Interface Wheel Indicating Vehicle Intent and Status. for the system, as well as helped with some portion of the main robot body. So glad to see the product.

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SuRFing the OSIAN while tweeting

SuRF Development kit from People Power is an amazing 3×3 microcontroller development board that takes internet to the whole another level. I joined People Power as a QA Engineer in Oct 2010 and have been playing around with their development kit to get started with the Open Source IPv6 Automation Network (OSIAN).  Read More…

Unmanned Tandem Rotor Helicopter – DP-6 WHISPER

I worked as a Research Engineer (intern) at Dragonfly Pictures Inc for a span of 6 month. I worked with a team of hardware and software engineers, to design the avionics for an electric tandem unmanned helicopter product (DP-6 Whisper). I designed circuits and PCB’S for avionics control systems and DC/DC conversion systems for electric helicopters.

Due to the nature of the project and its application it is not possible to reveal any details of the project, but some information is provided on the company’s website here. DP-6 Whisper


Tactile Gaming Vest (TGV)

The TGV was demonstrated at HAPTICS SYMPOSIUM 2010 in Waltham, MA (Boston Area) and received some honorable mention in IEEE Spectrum and WIRED. The article in Penn Gazette gives a very good user response of the vest.

TGV is a haptic feedback device designed to increase the immersiveness of first- and third-person shooter games. The vest includes a multitude of solenoids, eccentric-mass motors, and Peltier elements controlled by custom electronics and a personal computer. When the player’s character experiences injury in the game, the vest simulates the appropriate sensation (bullet hit, vibration, and/or heat) in the correct location on the player’s body. Beyond shooter games, we believe similar systems could be used to enhance laser tag, military training, movie watching, and other games.

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As a part of MEAM 610: Advance Mechatronics, I and Mohit decided to make a Blimp. It was a fun project and a part of a bigger project shown in the video. We used PIC16F series of Micro-controller with two DC Geared motors. To keep the weight as light as possible, and increase the lift capacity, we used balsa wood and used two Blimp Ballons.

Playing around with iBOT

I recently came across these few of my posts in the starting days of TRI.  I had just begin playing around with iBOT. These posts were reposted from TRI ‘s website ( to  Thinklabs website ( These projects were very special to me as I was doing everything from building, programming, testing, photography, video shooting, posting, editing, etc…and it was fun doing these small projects. I even made the Grid follower’s chart with some electrical tape…some fine old memories 🙂 Read More…

UniCon (UNIversal CONtroller) Board

India’s first Microcontroller Trainer board which supports all three major series (MSC51, AVR, PIC) of Microcontrollers. This one was a developed by closely studying all the microcontroller and microprocessor trainer boards available in the Market. I tried to get all that you ever need to program using a microcontroller on this board. Try different protocols (SPI, I2C, UART) or play around with actuators (Motor Drivers, Relays and Servo Ports on Board). If thats not all, try using IR Remote control and Real Time Clock. You name the feature and I bet we have it on board. This was my last project at TRI and I hope people like it. This was also my first individual project, and was responsible for all parts of it right from conceptualization, designing, market study, programming and testing and finally documentation and course designing (XERA) based on this board.

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iArm – Robotic Manipulator

iARM is a 4-Axis (iARM-5X is 5 axis) RRR Robotic manipulator with Pitch (& Roll in iArm-5X). It was deleloped to serve as a LAB tool for performing Robot Kinematics and Workspace analysis. It is accompanied by a GUI (TRIceps) which allows the user to vary all angles and provides user with the end-point location or gripper position. The iARM-5X can also perform Inverse Kinematics and also can display workspace of the robot. Both iARM 4 and 5 axis use RC servo motors forthier joints.

iARM is my most beloved project ever. It started almost 8 months before I joined TRI but was shelved due to lack of resources and knowledge. It was a challenge thrown at me and I am glad it completed it with charm. I am totally involved in this project right from designing to marketing. It was a very great satsfaction to sell the very 1st iARM I made to my own university K.J.Somaiya COE :). Best learning experience ever. The most expensive product in TRI’s offering.

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Finally  after months of brain-storming, designing, building, programming and manufacturing the iBOT proV is out for a grab. Make a robot, a home security system or a vacuum cleaner, the iBOT proV is a truly versatile programmable multi sensor system.

The aim for building this was to make a perfect platform for learning Mobile Robotics, Mechatronics and Embedded systems.

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Electronic Surveillance System

[Awarded 1st Prize at Potential 2007, EESA, Dept of Electronics, KJSCE]

An electronic surveillance system, my final year engineering project (Senior Design Project). The project was undertaken by me and Aakanksha under ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation),one of the largest oil and gas (Exploration and Production) public sector Company in India. The purpose of the project involved providing complete foolproof security of the process facilities and data room in terms of physical security.

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