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What iRoboticist is All About

iRoboticist.com is a leading source of information and inspiration for robotics and artificial intelligence enthusiasts.

Our platform provides a unique blend of the latest and trending robotic news, as well as cutting-edge product ideas that showcase the power of AI and robotics in transforming the world around us.

At iRoboticist.com, we are passionate about making the future of robotics accessible to everyone, and we strive to share our knowledge and expertise with our audience in a way that is both informative and engaging.

About The Founder

iRoboticist was founded by Saurabh Palan who is a passionate robotics engineer who has been working in the field since 2004.

He loves building robots and believes in learning through practice rather than just studying theory. Saurabh has designed workshops to introduce people to robotics and inspire them to be creative by taking a hands-on approach to building physical prototypes.

He has also been involved with start-ups in various areas, including robotics, embedded systems, energy monitoring/control, and cloud-based services. As a start-up engineer, Saurabh values a “can-do” attitude and the ability to learn quickly.