Hardware revolution is happening and hardware is the next big thing. Be it in form of wearable devices, internet-of-things or robotics. Getting started with Hardware has never been easy. We all need a bit of a push to get started  with design of the prototype of dream projects or MVP of the startup idea or simply hacking the Home.

That’s where we can help. Spend a weekend and give a shot at building hardware. Get started with one of the following tracks.


Anatomy of a Robot is similar to that of any Human. That’s what makes robot an interesting from technology point of view. Also it a lot of fun to learn Hardware & Software when you have Robots involved. Build your own autonomous robot with Arduino or simply connect & drive it with your Android Smartphone.

#Robots #Droid #Drones

Wearable Devices:

Wearable devices is the future. From head (Google Glass) to heel (Nike+ sensor) everything’s measurable & everything’s connected.  Build your own fitbit or pebbles in this workshop. Connect sensors, display and vibrations to your wrist.  Design your own custom watch, fitness or health tracking device.

#WearableDevices #SmartWatch #Fitness

Internet of Things:

Nest & SmartThings are making your home and office smarter, but what about the smart coffee make you always dreamed about? Well, let’s build one. With the power of internet in your palm let’s automate your life the way you want it. Design your own Wi-Fi controlled switch or a simple WiFi connected sensor to monitor intruders.

#IOT #SmartHome #ConnectedDevices