SuRFing the OSIAN while tweeting

SuRF Development kit from People Power is an amazing 3×3 microcontroller development board that takes internet to the whole another level. I joined People Power as a QA Engineer in Oct 2010 and have been playing around with their development kit to get started with the Open Source IPv6 Automation Network (OSIAN).  OSIAN ( is a open source internet … Read more

Tactile Gaming Vest (TGV)

The TGV is a haptic feedback device developed for enhancing the immersive experience of first- and third-person shooter games. This vest features a multitude of solenoids, eccentric-mass motors, and Peltier elements controlled by custom electronics and a personal computer. The vest simulates the appropriate sensation, such as bullet hits, vibrations, and/or heat, in the location … Read more

GuruBhakts: Gesture Based Swarm Approach To Control Robots on WSN

GuruBhakts, are wireless sensor nodes based Robots, showcasing the Leader-Followers (Guru-Bhakts) behavior on the wireless sensor network. The project was submitted as the final project for ESE519: Real-time and Embedded systems Course. The Project was developed by Jitender Bishnoi, Rahul Khosla and I under the guidance of Professor Rahul Mangharam. We had great support from mLab: Embedded systems lab with resources for … Read more