On the wall at ITT Tech, Concord CA

    • Adjunct Faculty at ITT Tech Institute (Concord, CA)
      1. Microprocessors systems. (Q4 – 2010, Q2, Q3 & Q4- 2011)
      2. Communication Systems. (Q1 – 2011)
      3. Robotics (ETA – Electronics and Telecom Association)
      4. SMD Soldering and Rework Tutorials (ETA – Electronics and Telecom Association)
    • Teaching Assistant
      1. Embedded Systems / Microcontroller Laboratory.(Spring 2009)
      2. Waves, Fibers and Antennas for Communication. (Fall 2008)


    • iTRIX : Two-Day workshop on Autonomous Robotics. Workshop included teaching theory and conducting practical sessions. Goal of workshop was to help students build and program the autonomous robot (iBOT) by imparting knowledge of Electronics, Mechanics and Programming. Students built various autonomous robot applications like line follower, obstacle avoider and sumo fighting robot based on microcontroller based iBOT Kit.

Conducted 17 iTRIX workshops at following locations in India.

      1. SJCE College of Engg, Mysore, Karnataka (29th-30th Mar, 2008).
      2. BVPU, Pune, Maharashtra (22nd-23rd Feb, 2008).
      3. JITM, Parlakhemandi, Orissa (18th-19th Feb, 2008).
      4. IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra (2nd-3rd Feb, 2008).
      5. Anna University, COE, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (22nd-23rd Jan, 2008). [Pics]
      6. S.G.G.S Institute of Engg & Technology,Nanded, Maharashtra (19th-20th Jan, 2008). [Pics]
      7. Chaitanya Engineering College, Vizag, Andhra Pradesh (10th-11th Jan, 2008). [Pics]
      8. IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra (5th-6th Jan, 2007).
      9. DIT, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (18th-19th Nov, 2007). [Pics]
      10. CMRIT, Bangalore, Karnataka (26th-27th Oct, 2007).
      11. COER, Roorkee, Uttarakhand (23rd-24th Oct, 2007). [Pics]
      12. NIT, Jalandhar, Punjab (12th-13th Oct, 2007). [Pics]
      13. D.J.Sanghvi COE, Mumbai, Maharashtra (8th-9th Sept, 2007).
      14. SRM, Chennai, Tamilnadu (2nd-3rd Sept, 2007).
      15. Babaria Institute of Technology, Vadodara, Gujrat (24th-25th Aug, 2007). [Pics]
      16. College of Engineering Chengannur, Kerela (10th-11th Aug, 2007).
      17. IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra (28th-29th July, 2007).
    • XERA: Designed a course on Embedded system and Robotic Applications to teach 8051 and AVR Microcontrollers to Professionals and graduate students. The course was conducted on TRI’s UniCon Board developed by me.

Conducted XERA twice at the following locations

      1. ThinkLabs Center, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra (5th-13th July, 2008).
      2. IIT Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra (19th-23rd Dec, 2007). [Pics]


    • “How to build Final-year projects”, invited guest speaker for guiding final year Diploma students at Swami Vivekanand Educational Society’s Polytechnic, Mumbai (13 May, 2008).


    • Referee for FIRST LEGO League competition at University of Pennsylvania. [Pics]
    • Mentored for CTY Robotics Workshop at University of Pennsylvania – [Pics]


    • Robotics Workshop at DIT,Dehradun

Coverage by Dainik Jagran and Amar Ujala Newspaper, Dehradun – 19th Nov, 2007

Abstract :
छात्रों के रोबोट्््स के बीच हुई फाइट

बत्तीस टीमों में शामिल इन छात्र-छात्राओं को आईआईटी मुंबई से आए इलेक्ट्रानिक्स के विशेषज्ञ सौरभ पालन ने ऑटोमेशन की बारीकियों से रूबरू कराया। श्री पालन ने बताया कि विज्ञान एवं तकनीक के इस युग में एप्लाईड इलेक्ट्रानिक्स का स्कोप तेजी से बढ़ रहा है।

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