Disclaimer: Some quotes come from my LinkedIn profile and some from the recommendation letter handed over to me in person.

QA Engineer, People Power Co

“Saurabh was brought on board People Power primarily as a Quality Assurance Engineer working with both hardware and software. As the company evolved, so did Saurabh’s role in the company. Saurabh handled everything from testing hardware and software to managing social media, handling questions from customers, deploying a pilot face-to-face with new users, even mixing into the marketing crowd. Saurabh has the mind of the entrepreneur and a good positive attitude to go with it. He is agile enough to quickly learn how to execute nearly any task that will move the company forward, whether the task is technical in nature or in any way related to working with people outside of the company.”

David MossCo-Founder and Director of Software Engineering, People Power (managed Saurabh indirectly at People Power)

“I have had the pleasure of working together with Saurabh, for the past 12 months. Where I had witnessed first hand, his “get it done” attitude and its application on delivery of several deadlines (internal/external). His personal passion for entrepreneurship and robotics’ had also benefited People Power Co by bringing in some great ideas to our social outreach initiatives and other area’s of business development. Saurabh would be an asset to any company that he chooses to join.”

David MoonDirector, IT & Project Management, People Power (managed Saurabh indirectly at People Power)

Adjunct Faculty, ITT Technical Institute

“Saurabh is very knowledgeable and is a very detail-oriented instructor. He is very patient with his students and very creative in his approach to teaching. His lectures are very engaging and very well though out.”

Francis ReyesChair of the School of Electronics, ITT Technical Institute (managed Saurabh at ITT Technical Institute)

Research Engineer [Intern], Dragonfly Pictures Inc

“Saurabh is an intelligent and motivated individual. He is skilled in electronics. He was instrumental in helping us build the DP-6 Whisper autonomous electric rotorcraft. Despite the fast pace and demanding personalities he was good in executing instructions.” [Quoted from the letter of recommendation provided in print ]

Gregory Piasecki,  CFO at Dragonfly Pictures Inc. (hired Saurabh as a Research Engineering Intern)

Research Assistant, mLab – University of Pennsylvania

“Saurabh is a very creative and passionate engineer. He developed a fleet of wireless robots and several embedded systems in my lab. The quality of his work is excellent and he is a universal problem solver. His skills transcend computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. He is known by his peers to design, fabricate and use common everyday objects in creative ways in his projects.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Rahul Mangharam, Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania (hired Saurabh as a Summer Research Student)

Technical Associate, TRI Technosolutions Pvt Ltd.

“Saurabh worked passionately with complete dedication for the work assigned to him. He blended his academic knowledge efficiently to his work. His work profile dealt in teaching, research and manufacturing of educational and entertainment robots. Saurabh has been an asset to the organization. He works with commitment and has an alertness to grasp new concepts. He follows instructions and willingly takes responsibility for independent assignments. With his focus and diligence he will achieve the goals he sets for himself. We would welcome him back to our organization on the completion of his higher education.  We need bright minds like him who will contribute to our growth and progress.” [Quoted from the letter of recommendation provided in print ]

Gaurav Chaturvedi, Director, TRI Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. (hired Saurabh at TRI Technosolutions Pvt Ltd.)

“Saurabh is a very enterprising person. He has the ability to think out of the box and give 100% to the work he does. When he sets his eyes on something he leaves no stone unturned to get to it.”

Anand RamaswamiR & D Engineer, TRI Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. (managed Saurabh at TRI Technosolutions Pvt Ltd.)

President of Rangoli, Indian Association at University of Pennsylvania

“Saurabh has the ability to get things done. He has been very active and diligent. Be it working for academic projects, or as the president of Rangoli (IAP). His decision making abilities and confidence is praise worthy.”

Rahul Seth, Student, University of Pennsylvania, (studied with Saurabh at University of Pennsylvania)

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