IEEE Spectrum (26 March 2010):

Tactile Gaming Vest Punches and Slices

Wired (26 March 2010):

Gaming Vest Makes Virtual Fights Real and Painful

Penn Gazette (July|Aug 2010 Issue):

Touching the Virtual Frontier

Make [] (31 March 2010):

Tactile gaming vest lets you feel the pew pew pew.

Gizmodo (31 March 2010):

A Gaming Vest That Makes Feel the Frag

Slashdot (30 March 2010):

Haptic Gaming Vest Simulates Punches, Shots, Stabbing

Slash Gear (31 March 2010):

Rumble-Pack Vest Lets You Experience First Person  Shooter in a Whole New Way


Ubergizmo (27 March 2010):

Tactile Gaming Vest is Out To Hurt You

IMDB (31 March 2010):

Tactile Gaming Vest: Peripheral of the Future

Technabob (31st march 2010):

Gurubhakts: gesture-controlled leader-follower robots

Dainik Jagran (19 Nov 2007):

Students indulged in Robot war.

Amar Ujala (19 Nov 2007):

Robot war lasts for an hour and half at DIT Dehradun.


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