Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Work?

Roaming a lawn trying to mow it under the scorching sun is never something anyone likes.

Thankfully, technology has made things better as you don’t necessarily have to be involved in your lawn mowing as much.

There are now robotic lawnmowers capable of doing the cutting all on their own while you go invest your time in some other thing.

Considering everything that automatic lawn mowers offer, is it worth spending thousands of dollars on?

It is normal to doubt that a sought of robotic machine that looks like a mini-vehicle can handle the grass in your lawn.

However, this machine does work. It cuts grass in random patterns very similar to the way that Roombas do.

How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work

However, this also means that you will not get those beautiful straight lawn stripes that you probably love so much.

What you do get from this robot is good performance and if you’d prefer to just not be involved in your lawn mowing, then that should be good enough.

In this article, we’ve answered all the questions you have about robot mowers. Keep reading if you want to find out.

How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work?

Robotic mowers receive their power from rechargeable batteries. These batteries can either be lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, or lead-acid like car batteries.

Also, the robot mower has a charging station that is meant to be plugged into any outdoor electrical outlet. The robot can always find its way to its charger to charge itself anytime the battery becomes low.

Interestingly, the robotic lawn mower does not consume that much energy, especially when you compare it to the gas-powered mowers.

Plus, they don’t even emit any toxic fume that can be dangerous to you and people around.

How Can You Stop Your Robotic Lawn Mower from Wandering Away?

The way to make sure your robot mower stays within the perimeters of where you want it to be is by placing wires around the area of the lawn that you want to be mowed.

This wire is a special kind of low voltage chord which comes with the whole robotic lawn mower package.

The wire is meant to create some sought of invisible fence which the mower can easily recognize while it works. It could take you up to about 6 hours to set it up depending on how big or small your lawn is.

What if My Robot Mower Bumps into A Tree?

One of the things that make robotic lawn cutters unique is that anytime they come in contact with an obstacle, they stop, change directions, and continue their duties.

However, a good way to stop the machine from hitting any object like your tree is by using the boundary chord to set it off. Some models do have sensors that help the machine to sense when there is an obstacle nearby. Once they perceive it, they change direction.

How Can I Make the Robot Work Around My Flower Beds?

Yes, you can. The boundary chord is what you should use to demarcate the areas you want to be cut from the areas that are off limit, like your shrubs, patios, paths, and sheds.

It is Safe to Use My Robot Mower on An Uneven or Hilly lawn?

Robot mowers produce the best results when used on a levelled lawn. A lot of manufacturers claim that the machine can handle any slope that does not exceed 35% (from 15° to 20°). However, the higher the slope the faster the machine’s battery will run down. Plus, the wheels of your mower can easily get stuck in a hole on your lawn.

Manufacturers also claim that the machines can get out of any hole by simply moving themselves backwards and forward a few times. But you can fill the holes or cut them off using the wires if you prefer not to risk it.

How Can I choose A Robot mower that Fits My Property?

The number one factor to consider is how big your lawn is. Because bigger robot mowers have a broader cutting area which can help the machine cover so much ground more quickly, they are the most ideal for large lawns. Once you have decided on the areas that you want to mow, research the various models that are available and can fit the size of your lawn perfectly. Another thing that you must consider is how sloped your land is.

If you have huge barriers such as rocks, you will have no choice but to direct the machine manually. This reduces the convenience the machine offers a bit. However, if you don’t mind doing that then you can go ahead and buy the machine.

Do Robotic Mowers Make Loud?

Like most machines that are powered by electricity, robot lawn mowers tend to be very quiet.

They sound pretty much like how a powered air condition would.

So, if you want, you can even let the machine mow your lawn at night because your neighbors will not be disturbed.

Will I Still Have to Rake After the Robot Has Mowed?

Yes, you will unless you program the mower to mow multiple times in a week. You can even program it to mow daily.

These are the only ways the robot can cut very fine clipping that can easily disappear into the soil, nourish it and save you the stress of raking.

Another thing that’ll help, though, is to set the cutting height such that the mower will cut off very small sections of the grass leaf every time it mows.

How Can I Program My Robotic Mower?

Basic robot mowers come with a control panel. Meanwhile, you can program some other units using your smartphone, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Do Robotic Mowers Pose Any Danger?

Luckily, these machines are made with safety in mind. Anytime anyone lifts or tilts the machine, it automatically shuts down. Also, when it hits something, it withdraws and changes direction.

If you leave any item like gardening tools and toys on the lawn, it could crush them. However, it can work around larger objects like bicycles.

How Long Does A Robot Mower Take to Mow?

The length of time a mower takes to mow will, of course, depend on how large the lawn is. However, your robot will keep cutting until it has reached the entire area that it is supposed to. Most robotic machines will have to recharge at some point during the mowing. If you have a small lawn of about 2,000 square feet, expect your mower, if it is the right size, to mow for about three hours, charging time inclusive.

Can They Handle Rain?

These machines can tell when it is raining through their rain sensors. As such, the make sure to go charge themselves until the rain is over.

Is It Difficult to Maintain a Robotic Mower?

Not. Just make sure to replace the blades regularly. Also, try not to trip over the boundary wire since this can cause it to break.

Is a Robot Mower Easy to Steal?

These machines generally come with an anti-theft system. For example, you can be required to provide a PIN code before it can operate.

Plus, you can set up the Husqvarna’s Automower app to make an alarm anytime the machine is being picked. The alarm won’t stop till you provide the PIN code.

This same app can help you to keep track of the mower’s location. Also, know that the mower will not function outside its installed perimeter.

How Much Are Robotic Mowers Sold?

The most basic robot mower machine costs from $700. However, most models will cost you up to $4000 or more.

Naturally, they are way costlier than the regular lawn mowers that most people use.

In the UK robotic lawn mower market is expanding too. From £500-£1500 you can get a decent automatic mower. Check some of the best robot lawn mower UK reviewed by GreenMachinery for more detailed ideas.

Are Robot Lawn Mowers a Good Investment for the Money?

So far, reviews about robot mowers have been great. One of the reviewers who had tried out the top-notch Husqvarna Automower 450X testified that the machine kept working great for his lawn.

This particular model of robot mower can cover as much as 1.25 acres. However, it cost a whopping $3,500 which, when you think about it, is worth it considering its performance.

If you have a smaller lawn you may not need to spend as much as that to get yourself a great robotic mower.

Apart from the huge sum of money that you have to spend buying the machine, you will not have to invest so much on the machine again. The operating cost does not exceed $25 a year.

This is considerably lower than what you would ordinarily pay landscapers to make your lawn look good. So, it’s a good way to save some cash and get your neighbours to admire your lawn all day long.


You must keep in mind that robotic mowers are not meant to tackle very tall grass.

This means that you should make them work regularly so the grass won’t grow too tall over time.

If peradventure your grass becomes tall, give your robot mower some more break, and go dig out your conventional mower.

Robot Mowers are strong and durable. This is, however, not a license for you to not maintain yours.

Get the mower to mow your lawn regularly, carry out the necessary maintenance procedures on the robot, and you’ll never want to go back to regular mowers again.