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Lynx – Autonomous Indoor Vehicle (AIV)

Finally, The cat’s out of the bag, so I can talk about my work at Adept. Introducing the sleek and sexy Lynx, a new mobile robot platform from Adept Technology.


The System includes:

  1. Adept Lynx Mobile Platform
  2. Graphical User Interface Touch Screen
  3. 24 VDC Battery Pack
  4. User Interface Wheel Indicating Vehicle Intent and Status
  5. Programmable Voice and Audio Prompts

I built the Graphical User Interface Touch Screen and User Interface Wheel Indicating Vehicle Intent and Status. for the system, as well as helped with some portion of the main robot body. So glad to see the product.

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Android-Droid Bot – IOIO Bot

Since I decided to conduct a workshop on Android based Robotics, I started looking for a suitable platform I can use to teach robotics.


I wanted to use IOIO board and had already convinced Ytai Ben-Tsvi (Inventor of IOIO) to co-teach the workshop with me. Not able to find what I was looking for I decided to build one of my own (thanks to Techshop). Here’s a simple IOIObot that we used for the workshop with IOIO, Servo, DC Motor and Breadboard. Checkout the video below to see what one of the student came up with at the end of 2 days workshop.

Cloud Robotics Hackathon

My 1st Robotics Hackathon!!!

I believe it was the 1st ever Robotics Hackathon. Never heard of Robot Hackathon before!

The Hackathon was organized and lead primarily by the RobotShop to promote the Robot Cloud MyRobots. But in Santa Clara it was hosted by the Robot Launchpad and Citrix Start-up Accelerator. (Thanks Andra and Michael).

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Robot Hand – Weekend Project

It had been really long since I built something. So just to get over the itch, I hacked up this simple project over a few hours this Sunday.


I found this really inexpensive ($12) toy arm at a local shop. Wanting to experiment with it, I hooked up some servos to the device and automated the arm

Here are few Pics and a video

SuRFing the OSIAN while tweeting

SuRF Development kit from People Power is an amazing 3×3 microcontroller development board that takes internet to the whole another level. I joined People Power as a QA Engineer in Oct 2010 and have been playing around with their development kit to get started with the Open Source IPv6 Automation Network (OSIAN).  Read More…

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