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Bike Camera Mount

Simple, Clean, Green.

As a Final project for the IPD 501: Integrated CAD Manufacturing and Analysis, I and Mohit wanted to make something we can use over the summer. We both love riding Bikes and also we love to take pictures of all the places we have been to while riding. Well, it ain’t easy to do both simultaneously, thus we decided to make this camera mount for bikes. Its stable, has in integrated turn table with flash light and well not bad at all. All designed in Seimen’s NX 5 and manufactured in the 3D printer (Thanks UPENN :)).

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A LED Flashlight my first project for MEAM 610 – Advance Mechatronics

I built a Dual color Dual mode Led flashlight with Red and White Lights. The LED flashlight consisted of high beam ultra bright White led and high intensity red led. The Flashlight can be used either in blinking more or as torch light for either colors.

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Electronic Surveillance System

[Awarded 1st Prize at Potential 2007, EESA, Dept of Electronics, KJSCE]

An electronic surveillance system, my final year engineering project (Senior Design Project). The project was undertaken by me and Aakanksha under ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation),one of the largest oil and gas (Exploration and Production) public sector Company in India. The purpose of the project involved providing complete foolproof security of the process facilities and data room in terms of physical security.

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