Automatic Mopping Machine

Do you love mopping the house floors?

Well, none of us enjoys such tasks.

If someone does, then he or she must be very unique and very hard working.

Most of us prefer to pay for house cleaning, especially working parents and busy individuals. But, what if you can get a device that can do the floor cleaning without any complaints?

You can easily guess that we are talking about the robot mops here. There are dozens of these machines available in the US market. Robot mop becoming its popularity in the UK market too. Read what are the best robot mops in the UK right now.

We agree that they are not powerful like robot vacuums. Still, these devices making a great impact on the cleaning standards of your house.

Now, the primary question – is a robot vacuum is worth your money?

Or you might wait for some more years and invest on an automatic mopping machine when they are powerful and efficient like robot vacuums. Let’s know the same today.


High Rated Robot Mops

ILIFE V8s: Robot mops vary in terms of built quality, features, and price. Some of them are suitable for your house, while others might be nothing but an expensive liability.

For budget buyers, ILIFE V8s is one of the best robot mops available in the market.

This affordable machine can also vacuum and has four cleaning modes to give you the desired results.

You can also control its water output using a remote control. Such a feature helps you to tackle different cleaning surfaces without any hassle.

Roborock S6: One of the expensive models, but S6 comes with advanced built and useful features.

You simply have to set its cleaning schedule and the machine will find the fastest way to cover each room or a given area. It’s because S6 understands the shape of your house and works accordingly.

Due to powerful suction power, it can even draw AA batteries. The vacuum possesses such power, but never barks about it.

Means, the device is so quiet that you can use it in the middle of the night without getting any complaints from your family members.

Still, debating? Let’s know some of the benefits of robot mops.

Robot mops exists to offer convenient cleaning and it’s the reason these machines are expensive.

On the contrary, the traditional bucket and mop method is inexpensive and also provides you with desired results. So, the primary benefit of owning a robot mop is its time saving attitude.

Using a robot mops gives you extra hours that you can spent with your friends or family.

Working parents, business professionals and corporate employees can use this time for all other household activities or entertainment.

Even if a robot mops saves 1 hours every day, then it becomes 365 hours every year.

If you want to save this much of time, then an autonomous might be useful, especially if you own a large house.

Apart from being a time-saver, there are several other benefits of a robot mop.

Scheduled Cleaning: None of the devices can clean the house floor in our absence. A robot vacuum is an easily programmable machine that can do the needful when you in the office, working in the lawn or sleeping.

Multiple Mopping Modes: Several robot mops come with different settings that you can use according to the house floors. Such a feature is important if you have water sensitive floors, especially hard woodens.

Low Profile Built: Cleaning under the bed or any other furniture piece is difficult, especially if you are dealing with a bad back. A robot mop with compact dimensions can easily reach all the tight corners without any guidance from your end.

Spot cleaning: Some of the robot mops can spot clean in case of spills. You need to direct the machine towards a sticky area and it will do the needful.

Multi-functional: Most of the robot mops also works as a vacuum. So, you are getting a multiple function from the same machine, which is helpful when you need overall floor cleaning without spending much time or money.

Low noise levels: Robot mops operates at a lower sound level when compared with traditional vacuums. One of the models might be louder than other, but cannot disturb any of your family members, kids or pets.

Are There Any Disadvantages to a Robot Mop?

None of the robotic machines are complete. An autonomous mop can give you the desired results because of multiple improvements.

However, it cannot perform well in demanding situations. Using a bucket and mop in combination with your physical efforts is always better than an automatic mop.

Still, you can use a robot mop for regular maintenance after overall vacuuming and traditional mopping to extend that time between manual cleaning sessions. Let’s talk about some of the other drawbacks of robot mops.

Expensive: Automatic mopping machines are available between a price range of $160 to $900, which is comparatively very higher than regular mops.

You can invest in an affordable model, but don’t expect it to be versatile or powerful.

Might Succumb in Demanding Situations: You cannot set a robot mop on floors that are highly soiled or if there is a big spill to tackle.

Manual sweep or mop should be the first step in such cases, otherwise a robot mop will smudge the dust all over.

Small Water Storage: Some of the models comes with small water tanks, which seek twice or thrice refilling while dealing with a large house.

It also impacts scheduled cleaning, because you cannot expect the robot mop to clean the whole residence without a sufficient amount of water.

Might Get Stuck or Lost: Some of the low priced robot mops tends to get stuck under furniture pieces. It might also get stuck in wires or any other loose item.

An automatic mopping machine can get lost while returning to its docking station. It’s a common incident when the battery is low.

Should You Invest On a Robot Mop?

After discussing all the benefits and drawbacks of robot mops, we hope that you can decide whether such a device will be suitable for your house.

Some of the best robot mops are available from brands like Roborock, Yeedi, ILIFE and Coredy. So, you should prefer these brand and try to find something according to your requirements.

You should consider the following factors while choosing a robot mop for your house or office.

Runtime: Try a robot vacuum with at least 90 minutes of runtime, especially if you own a large house. Prefer Lithium-ion cells over other batteries. For instance, ILIFE V8s have a runtime of up to 110 minutes.

Excellent sensors: A robot mop should have sensors to detect carpets, rugs, walls and other obstacles. Modern variants can also map your house and store the best cleaning routes for effective results.

Configuration: Charge the robotic mop, fill its water tank and program; the set up should be as simple as you can read.

Connectivity: Some of the robot mops comes with compatible apps that allows you to control them using a smartphone. Remote control is another component that you should check. For instance, ILIFE V8s comes with remote and Roborock S6 has an app as well as Alexa control.

Performance: A robot mop cleans all the surfaces without damaging them. Its better if there are multiple modes that you can use according to the floor type.