Are Robotic Vacuums Worth It?

Nobody wants to clean the house and it’s the primary reason why robotic vacuums might be useful.

When Roomba came into existence after 2002, it appeared too good to be real. We were not used to seeing a robot that can do all the floor cleaning of the house by itself.

Things changed rapidly and robotic vacuums are seeing high sales from the last few years.

There are multiple brands including Dyson, iRobot, Efuy and iLife that offers high-quality autonomous vacuuming machines capable to clean any of the hard or carpeted floors with any interferences, so that you can other things that you love. But, should you invest in one of such vacuums?

Let’s discuss it today.

Robot vacuum vs Upright

It’s a point of discussion among all the cleaning experts whether autonomous vacuums can overtake the traditional cleaning methods.

A high-quality robot vacuum can effectively clean your house floors, but this is it.

You cannot use such a machine to deal with the dirt at upholstery, curtains, and any other object.

In other words, if you need a sparkling house free of dirt and dust from all the places, then you need a regular upright vacuum that comes with a hose as an attachment.

Are Robot Cleaners Worth Your Investment?

High-quality robot cleaners are expensive. To get a decent autonomous cleaner that can easily deal with an average-sized area, you need to spend more than $200.

Because a robot vacuum cannot replace any of the traditional cleaners, such high cost stops many of the buyers to invest in such a machine.

Due to development in technology and hardware, it possible in the upcoming years that a robot cleaner can deal with entire house cleaning from top to bottom.

Apart from these obvious disadvantages, a robot cleaner has several benefits as well.

Time saver: Keep the mind in mind that a robot vacuum comes with great time-saving features.

Program the machine according to your convenience and it will keep cleaning your house until you change the routine. In other words, you don’t have to engage in hard cleaning works.

If you are a busy individual or a working professional, then an autonomous vacuum can prove to be a lot more valuable. We know that time is money. If you are struggling to find some cleaning time every day, then a robot vacuum deserves your attention.

Reduces the cleaning cost: Working parents or individuals living with pets often need a paid cleaner to take care of the house in their absence.

Investing in a robot cleaner might be helpful in such situations because it will cut down the monthly cleaning cost. If you own a large home, then such a machine will recover your investment in less than a year.

What to Look For in a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many robot vacuums available in the market. However, you need one of them that should suit all your requirements. It’s the reason you should check for the following factors before selecting any of the models from Amazon.

Size of your house: The first consideration should be the maximum area a robot vacuum can cover. Affordable models like ILIFE V3S Pro are suitable for small houses while expensive models like iRobot Roomba i7 are suitable to cover significant areas. So, choose something that can clean all the rooms of your house or office without getting tired or overheated.

Battery runtime: The working time of a robot vacuum varies according to the make and model. Go for extended runtime, if you own a large house. For instance, ILIFE V3s works for up to 100 minutes, which is great cover a medium sized or even large house.

Filtration: Try to select a robot vacuum with HEPA filters, so that none of the dirt or airborne particles are released back into your house.

Virtual walls: Some of the robot vacuums allow you to create virtual walls. For instance, you can program a robot cleaner to enter your bedroom, but not your kitchen. Look for such a feature for added convenience.

Final Words

An autonomous vacuum could be a great investment unless you are in love with the house cleaning process. It gives you free time to do other things that you like or enjoy.

Moreover, such machines are generally compact and do not occupy much storage space in your house. They cannot replace the cylinder or upright vacuums, but we expect it might happen within a few years of development.