Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth It?

Robot cleaners for pools do a very wonderful job of helping people elongate the lifespan of their pool.

In addition to this, they take away the stress and precious time that pool owners have to invest in cleaning their pool by themselves.

Why Buy A Robotic Pool Cleaner? Is it worth to Try?

Robotic pool cleaners are a lifesaver. Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting one.

Easy to Use

Nothing turns you off like a machine that promises so much yet can’t be maximized because it is difficult to operate. Automatic pool cleaners are not one of those machines.

Once you start the gadget manually, the next thing is to simply leave it to do its work.

Almost all the models are alike and can be powered by just the press of a small button. You can even program it to start cleaning at a certain time.

Robot pool cleaners have the ability to map pools, plan the cleaning path that’ll be most efficient, and do it in the shortest possible amount of time.

Some latest models even come with remote control with which you can command the robot to clean specific areas.

automatic pool cleaner

Cleans Efficiently

In case you’re thinking robotic pool, cleaners can’t possibly clean pools as effectively as manual cleaners will, you’re wrong. Automatic cleaners have been proven to work efficiently and deliver impeccable results.

They share similar features with regular cleaners but are much better since the almost completely removes the human factor in their business. A robot pool wiper will clean your pool within very few hours without your supervision.

Saves Time

The fact that robot cleaners save time is perhaps the best advantage that they have.

No one wants to spend hours cleaning a pool when there are loads of other things they’d rather be doing.

Simply power the machine and let it get to work while you go focus on something else that needs your attention.

Offers a Neater and Healthier Pool

Obviously, when you clean your pool regularly using an automatic pool cleaner the pool will be neater and healthy to swim in.

For one reason or another, you may not have the time to do the cleaning yourself, if you don’t own a robotic cleaner, the pool may remain dirty for a while.

However, with this machine, your pool will be in a good state at all times, whether or not you have time to deal with it personally.

It Save Energy

While robotic pool cleaners are not battery powered, they come with a 40ft long power chord which can be connected to a power outlet.

Those that don’t use cords function through jet propulsion. The two methods, apart from the fact that they don’t put a strain on the filter of your pool, ensure that energy is saved.

Compact Design

Huge bulky machines are often difficult to maneuver or store. With a compact machine like a robotic pool washer, you don’t have to worry about bulkiness.

The machine is so compact that it can fit into your pool and won’t even take up a lot of space.

Irrespective of pool shape or size, you can trust these machines to reach corners and hidden areas as they clean because they’re designed to do just that.

How Does an Automatic Pool Cleaner Look?

Many robotic pool cleaners are either square or round. They also often have a height of about 12 inches and a diameter of 35 inches.

Usually, the cleaners have wheels and tracks which helps to push them. Attached to their frontage is a big brush meant for heavy-duty cleaning.

All robot pool cleaners come with an inbuilt bag which is meant to store the debris collected from the pool.

There are also internal filters in the machine which helps filter the pool water. A robot pool cleaner can remove large leaves as well as tiny algae thanks to its filter bag.

How Does a Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?

Though it has many similarities with a regular pool cleaner, an automated pool cleaner can completely work on its own.

It is smart enough to navigate itself while cleaning up the pool at the same time. The machine is able to do this through its motherboard and some sensors.

As such, the robot will pick up dirt and put it inside the filter bag. The bag can be emptied after the cleaning is done.

You can either bring the robot out of your pool when it is done cleaning or allow it to stay there and function as a filtration system for the water.

How Can Robot Cleaners Move and Clean on Their Own?

Typically, a robot pool washer moves on its own through a technology that supplies the machine with up to 5 different cleaning modes.

The machine then put all these different modes to work and thoroughly clean the pool. Robot cleaners have distance and touch sensors which alert them when there’s a wall ahead.

They can even clean a single spot multiple times to make sure it is clean.

What Benefits Do Robot Pool Cleaners Offer?

  • Help the pool owner save energy and time
  • Save power and prevent home pool owners from spending money on hiring pool cleaners
  • Elongate pool’s life through thorough cleaning
  • Clean out both big and tiny dirt so the pool is healthy to swim in
  • Can easily be used and maintained
  • Able to clean pools of different shapes in under 3 hours

What Accessories Do They Come With?

  • Robot pool cleaners often come with water filters and dirtbags

Do Robot Cleaners Need Maintenance?

Yes, they do. Maintenance helps the machine remain in good shape even after a long time of use. Make sure to empty the dirtbag after every cleaning.

Also, clean both the main brush and side brush of the cleaner frequently using the designated cleaning tool that comes with the machine. Doing these will go a long way in preserving your robot pool cleaner.

Where can I Buy Automatic Pool Cleaners?

You can from online or a nearest shop. The easiest way to buy online. Amazon is one of the most trusted name, you can buy online from Amazon most of the countries like US, UK or Europe.

You need to do some homework to find out which robotic pool cleaner is best (For example read this source on Vacuumcleaners4u based on the UK products). Compare product features, battery, longevity, brand and many more things  you should consider when placing your order.

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it? The answer is Yes. 

Now you know how a robotic pool cleaner can save you lots of time and make your pool cleaning more enjoyable. If you like it, please share with your friends.