Saurabh is a Robotics Engineer with passion for building and teaching Robots. He has been involved in Robotics since 2004 and have over time developed several projects. Most importantly, he loves to build Robots. His approach in general is to learn by practice rather than studying it only in theory. He brings his personal approach to his teaching.

He has designed workshop to introduce people to Robotics (Electronics, Mechanics, Programming and putting it together in aesthetic way). Workshop has more hands-on approach to inspire participants to be creative and a method to bring their ideas to physical prototypes.

Over the past few years he has been involved with start-up in the field of Robotics, Embedded systems, Energy Monitoring/Control (home automation) and Could based Service Provider. The most important aspect of being a start-up engineer is the can-do” attitude and the ability to learn quickly. (He does have few more qualities mentioned in this interesting discussion ‘What qualities make a good startup Engineer‘).

Start-ups he has been a part of:

  1. People Power Co – Cloud based Mobile Energy Management Service provider.
  2. Dragonfly Pictures Inc – Unmanned Helicopters Research Inc.
  3. TRI Technosolutions Pvt Ltd (Now Thinklabs.in) – Educational Robotics & Training Institute.

Other Work Places:

  1. Adept Technology (Pleasanton, CA)
  2. ITT Technical Institute (Concord, CA)
  3. University of Pennsylvania –

Educational Background:

  • Masters in Robotics – University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Bachelors in Electronics – University of Mumbai, India
  • Diploma in Industrial Electronics – MSBTE, India

Stuff He Does / Can do:

    • Robotics (Conceptualization, Design and Prototyping)
    • Electronics (Schematics, Design, Soldering, Testing…Almost anything)
    • Mechanical (Designing, Prototyping – 2D & 3D)
    • Embedded Systems (System design, Microcontroller Programming)
    • Haptics
    • Social Media and Community support: Experience in building brand name and engaging users.
    • Customer Support: Interact with customers on Phone and face-to-face
    • Networking: Organizing Meet-ups and Group events (I currently organize the monthly Silicon Valley Robotics Meetup)
    • Technical Marketing
    • Contributing to Team Spirit: Organizing team outings, office events etc

He is an avid Motorcyclist (He is 26 and has been riding motorcycles for past 10 years already) and love to ride on every opportunity he can get. Currently in search of next ride-to-be. (Recent adventure along Hwy 1)

Claim to Fame: Tactile Gaming Vest 

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