LoLiT Corporation (Business Plan for DEKA Bionic Arm)

For EAS 546: Engineering Entrepreneurship II, my team decided to prepare a business plan for DEKA Bionic Arm. The team comprised of 5 people each assigned a separate responsibility as the part of the firm.

We decided to name the firm as LoLiT – Lost Limb replacement Technology Inc

Please read more to review the complete business plan…

“The mission of LoLiT is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with lost upper limbs by assisting them in achieving functionality, comfort and a sense of touch through the development, integration, and distribution of the industry’s most advanced myoelectric prosthetics systems.”

LoLiT’s Team:

  • Ashwin Agrawal (CEO)
  • Saurabh Palan (COO)
  • Wendy Tay (CMO)
  • Jerome Goh (CTO)
  • Matthew Buckle (CFO)

Download LoLiT Business Plan

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