A LED Flashlight my first project for MEAM 610 – Advance Mechatronics

I built a Dual color Dual mode Led flashlight with Red and White Lights. The LED flashlight consisted of high beam ultra bright White led and high intensity red led. The Flashlight can be used either in blinking more or as torch light for either colors.

  1. The main body houses 4 batteries with a battery holder, a double sided PCB and two switches for mode and color selection.
  2. The PCB is mounted on the front side (Near Acrylic screen end) and batteries enter from back side.
  3. The battery holder is soldered to the PCB.
  4. The switches used are DPDT (ON-OFF-ON) and SPDT (ON-ON). The DPDT is used for color selection (WHITE-OFF-RED) and the SPDT is used for Mode selection (BLINK-Constant ON)

The FlashLight can be mounted using two either of two sides.

Slide Mount for Caps / Belts and Strap mount for Bike handle

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