Playing around with iBOT

I recently came across these few of my posts in the starting days of TRI.  I had just begin playing around with iBOT. These posts were reposted from TRI ‘s website ( to  Thinklabs website ( These projects were very special to me as I was doing everything from building, programming, testing, photography, video shooting, posting, editing, etc…and it was fun doing these small projects. I even made the Grid follower’s chart with some electrical tape…some fine old memories 🙂

About the iBOT : The iBOT is a versatile and feature rich robot development platform. The iBOT is based around the popular 8051 family micro controller. It is user programmable and can be used to execute tasks from a simple line follower, obstacle avoider, sumo robot and much more.


Edge avoiding Robot

Wall Follower Robot

Grid Solving Robot

Ultrasonic based Obstacle avoider robot using iBOT


RC Servo Control using iBoard

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