iArm – Robotic Manipulator

iARM is a 4-Axis (iARM-5X is 5 axis) RRR Robotic manipulator with Pitch (& Roll in iArm-5X). It was deleloped to serve as a LAB tool for performing Robot Kinematics and Workspace analysis. It is accompanied by a GUI (TRIceps) which allows the user to vary all angles and provides user with the end-point location or gripper position. The iARM-5X can also perform Inverse Kinematics and also can display workspace of the robot. Both iARM 4 and 5 axis use RC servo motors forthier joints.

iARM is my most beloved project ever. It started almost 8 months before I joined TRI but was shelved due to lack of resources and knowledge. It was a challenge thrown at me and I am glad it completed it with charm. I am totally involved in this project right from designing to marketing. It was a very great satsfaction to sell the very 1st iARM I made to my own university K.J.Somaiya COE :). Best learning experience ever. The most expensive product in TRI’s offering.

To learn more about Robotics download the “Introduction to Robotics using iARM”, a documentation and reference manual designed my me while going through the process of making iARM.


Features of iArm:

  • An efficient Lab tool for learning of Kinematic Analysis of Robot Manipulator.
  • Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics analysis through easy to use GUI and position control through USB port.
  • Task Planning through multiple position selection option.
  • Complete 3D workspace analysis and real time simulation through software.
  • Parallel Gripper for better and firm gripping.
  • Robust Aluminum Arm structure for light weighted and higher strength.
  • Precise position control using RC Servo Motors.

TRIceps is the GUI enabling the study of Inverse and Direct Kinematics of the iARM

The Forward Kinematic Analysis of iARM is shown below

iARM Gripper

Both 4 Axis and 5 Axis iARM can be purchased from TRI Technosolution Pvt Ltd at www.triindia.co.in

Special Thanks and credits to Ashwin Vijayakumar (GUI), Manish Chauhan(Mech Design), Rahul Deo(GUI), Fahad Azad(Mech Design), Anand Ramaswami(Hardware), Prof. Faruk Kazi(Guidance), Prof.Amarnath(Guidance), and

Mr.Gagan Goyal (Vision and Funding)

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