Finally  after months of brain-storming, designing, building, programming and manufacturing the iBOT proV is out for a grab. Make a robot, a home security system or a vacuum cleaner, the iBOT proV is a truly versatile programmable multi sensor system.

The aim for building this was to make a perfect platform for learning Mobile Robotics, Mechatronics and Embedded systems.

Introduction to iBOT proV (from the User Manual):

iBOT proV 2.1 is an ideal way to venture into the field of autonomous robotics. The iBOT proV 2.1 controller board is simple yet feature packed so as to cater to a wide range of applications. This kit is based around the popular 8051 microcontroller architecture and strives to bridge the gap between concepts been taught in the classrooms and actually implementing them practically. iBOT proV 2.1 is essentially related to a variety of fields comprising of embedded C programming, microcontrollers, electronics and mechanics. And since the controller is so closely related to the academic curriculum, user would find it very easy to work with.

With this kit the user shall have a hands-on experience of working with different sensors, such as line sensing modules and IR proximity sensors, use of different actuators like DC geared and stepper motors, their drivers, LCD interfacing and serial communication with the PC.

iBOT proV 2.1 follows a modular approach throughout its construction, so the user can easily add new features and behaviors from line following, obstacle avoiding to swarm robotics and a basic micromouse. It can also be used as a generic embedded systems development platform.

We hope that building this autonomous robot will be an enriching experience and would drive you to further pursue robotics seriously.

iBOT proV  – What’s in the Box ?

1.iBOT proV

2. Matrix KeyBoard

3. ADC Board

4. Microcontroller Boards (AVR Atmega 16)

5. 7 Segment Display

6. Relay Board

7. Connecting ribbon cables

8. LCD Display

So Whats on the Bot?

1. Microcontroller board  (MCS 51 Series)

2. 5 Line/Edge Sensor

3. 5 Proximity Sensors

4. 2 Geared DC Motors (Or 2 Stepper Motors)

5. RC Servo Motor

6. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor Module

7. 2 Bump Sensors

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